This page will articulate one or more reference implementations on a mining motherboard, low cost CPU, RAM, and Power Supply in an open-air configuration). It's possible that multiple configurations will be identified.


This page will display the verified hash rate from the reference implementation for altcoins that have publicly available mining software support. The hash rate will be related to the current market price of the coin and ranked by profitability


VCU1525 - Blockchain Edition (With Mods & No RAM) 

Product has not started shipping. Verifiable hash rates are not currently available.


VCU1525 - Blockchain Edition (With Mods & 16GB RAM) 

Product has not started shipping. Verifiable hash rates are not currently available.


Where can I get VCU1525 - Blockchain Edition?

  1.    (most convenient)


Are the sellers above trustworthy?

Due diligence appropriate to the level of investment should be undertaken.


What are the costs of VCU1525 boards from the above sellers?

  1. VCU1525 with mods and DIMMS - $3,600
  2. VCU1525 with DIMMS no mods - $3,500
  3. VCU1525 with mods no DIMMS - $3,350
  4. VCU1525 no mods no DIMMS - $3,250 


What are the modifications?

Mods include Voltage setting, VRM Heatsinks, and Thermal Compound Upgrade.


Are there other sellers?

Yes, but more expensive and probably not with the cryptocurrency modifications.


Reference Configuration

To be determined when samples available for testing. 

This is likely to include a motherboard with a large number of USB 3.1 (FPGA communication to motherboard is via USB) and PCI slots. Risers will be used to provide power from the motherboard PCI slots to each FPGA. A high-wattage power supply will be used to provide additional power to each FPGA as well as the motherboard. A low-end CPU and motherboard RAM will be used. The operating system is expected to be Windows.